Block The World Cup 2014 from online life
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How can I block all mention of The World Cup 2014 from my online life?

I thought someone would have made a simple browser extension to do this, but so far I can only find this: a 'Spolier Spoiler' extension, that replaces mention of the World Cup with annoying flags.

I am sure it could be done by re-purposing an Adblock extension/filter, but have found no easy way to do this.

I can filter World Cup stuff out of Facebook very easily with the F.B. Purity extension.

This 'Open Tweet Filter' appears to do the same for Twitter

A catch-all-purpose-filter browser extension would be mighty mighty useful. I will only be happy once this post is invisible to me :-)
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Rather does it for social media.
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Not sure. Personally, I had to avoid it all the week after the Breaking Bad finale and I was able to avoid spoilers for 9 months until I saw the finale.
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