Motorik/Krautrock playlist for running
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I'm putting together a Spotify playlist for running (working my way up to 5K), which so far includes Hallogallo by Neu! and Jenny Ondioline by Stereolab, and some songs by Fujiya and Miyagi. What I like about them is the driving, repetitive, steady motorik beat (or a beat that, if not technically motorik, gives the same feeling). I'd love to get more recommendations for other songs that would go on such a playlist.
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A few songs by Broadcast come to mind. Black Cat is one that I enjoy while running. It has just a motorik-like beat that's just a titch slower than a typical kraut song.
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Don't have time to find YouTube links now but...

Can - Mother Sky
Wilco - Spiders (Kidsmoke)
Stereolab - We're Not Adult Orientated
Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened
Horrors - Sea Within a Sea
Feelies - Forces at Work
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Also try...

Bill Withers - Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Modern Lovers - Roadrunner
Subway - Jupiter
Sea and Cake - Interiors (Broadcast Remix)
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Don't miss Stereolab's Metronomic Underground
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That whole Stereolab album Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements is good for the repetitive sound. So is Emperor Ketchup. Anything more recent is more poppy.
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Emperor Tomato Ketchup, sorry, brain freeze.
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Illum Sphere - Sleeprunner
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Hardly Motorik, but The New Pornographers - Star Bodies makes me feel the same way.
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Tortoise's DJed is a 20 minute suite that begins and ends with some great motorik. Great workout music.
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Many tracks on the Run Lola Run Soundtrack have that kind of feel, I think.

Are you going for a specific bpm range? Can you find out the bpm for the songs you like so far?
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PITW gave you my answer (Djed), so I'll just point out this tumblr I stumbl'd on.
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I was just listening to Here We Go Magic today thinking how much they sound like the Feelies meets krautrock.
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Love Builds Up - Electrelane

They've got some other krautrocky songs too; this is just the one that sticks out in my head as best for running.
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Two more versions of Can's "Mother Sky:"

Th' Faith Healers
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Check out the band Maserati, either with their first drummer Jerry Fuchs (R.I.P.) or with their newer drummer.

Also check out the other bands that Jerry was in.
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Not on Spotify, unfortunately, but Quickspace Supersport's 'Superplus' is absolutely tremendous.

+1,000,000 for Mother Sky!
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Oh! And Beak.
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Mr. Marx's Table - Wire
The Daytrotter version is really good, more driving. Probably better for running.
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The War on Drugs An Ocean In Between the Waves
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