Temporary Spray-On Hair Highlights - Brands that don't smell?
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Hi All, Have been searching for awhile now for a brand of hairspray that can give me blonde highlights that wash out. Have tried out this brand by Jerome Russell but find that 1. the smell is horrible 2. it makes my hair super crispy 3. the glitter is crazy and gets EVERYWHERE. Are there any alternatives out there to this?? Gracias!
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You might be interested in "hair chalking" or "hair shadow". Basically you rub chalky pigment into streaks of hair. It's pretty popular in DIY/Beauty Youtube circles.

I've seen people claim to get good results in dark hair with very pigmented products, and setting it in with a flat iron, but I think blondes have better luck.
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Came in to suggest hair chalk, too.
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Hair chalk works especially well for fun colors -- i haven't actually seen any that replicate actual blonde highlights, so you might have to be patient and mix a couple yellows. There are LOTS of tutorials on how to do this with either professional hair chalk or just regular ol' sidewalk-style chalk.
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