Need low cost mental health care in phoenix, Arizona
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I need to find a psychiatrist/therapist/someone who can prescribe and treat chronic anxiety and panic in the Phoenix area, preferably at low cost/sliding scale.

I'm a single mother with very little income and no insurance. I've been trying to apply for AHCCCS but due to a near-comical string of organizational incompetence, they keep requesting documentation that has already been provided, and it's been a recurring circle of frustration that my current mental state can't deal with.

I'm sure this will all eventually get sorted, but meanwhile I have been having massive, MASSIVE constant panic attacks. Panic attacks that feel like a heart attack, make me disassociate, causing me to fear for the safety of my children, and come and go almost all day every day. I desperately urgently need help with this, and am willing to put it on a credit card at this point if necessary.

Been googling but not sure who/what I need. A general counselor would be lovely but at this point I'm pretty sure I need actual meds. A psychiatrist? What's the most efficient way to do this thing?

Any Phoenix-specific recommendations?


(P.S. The children are not in immediate danger and I have family nearby to watch them if/when necessary, but it is still urgent.)
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I am not from the area, but am familiar with anxiety disorder. Do you have any regular physician? I believe they can prescribe lorazepam and other anxiety meds, which may help you turn off the anxiety "switch" on a short term basis so that you can function without panicking. Many free clinics also have mental health services.
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Here's a list of low-cost/sliding scale providers.

Southwest Network-San Tan Clinic, they're in Chandler.

Partners in Recovery in Mesa, give them a call, they might be able to help, or refer you to someone who can.

Pascua Yaqui Tribe Centered Spirit Program, I don't know if you have to be a tribe member, but you can call and ask them, they may have a referal as well.

Now, one thing you can do for anxiety is to go to a Doc in the Box, like Minute Clinic at CVS and get a scrip. A lot of anxiety meds are dirt cheap, and can help A LOT! I take generic Celexa and I don't have panic attacks any more. It's a freaking Godsend!

Good luck to you!
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Call Banner Good Sam Behavioral Health. I used the clinic for about three years when I first moved here.

Many of the practitioners are residents in their final years of training (Some are in their first year. If you get someone too young and you're not comfortable, they will accomodate a request to change. I know the students need training but sometimes they were just TOO young for me to relate to.) I had insurance but I do believe they offer a sliding scale. At any rate, they will get you in quickly if you say that you're in crisis mode. They are also right by the light rail if transportation is an issue. I know how feel because I've been there. Hang in as best you can. Try to be good to yourself.

Shoot!! On preview, I also forgot that the Fresh Start Women's Foundation also offers very low-cost counseling options ... and child care!!
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