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I'm looking for a benign keylogger to record the number of keypresses and button presses I make each day. This would be installed on my laptop running Vista (and is for my own personal edification). There are lots of results via Google, but I trust MeFites more, of course.

I am bedridden because of chronic illness (details in my user profile), and part of managing the illness is "pacing" - being aware of how much you've exerted yourself each day in order to stay within your "energy envelope." The smallish amount of typing I'm able to do each day occupies a disproportionate amount of my energy, and I think a keylogger keeping track would help me use it better and do a better job of stopping before I'm out of arm steam.

I'd like to have a record of how many keystrokes and trackpad button presses I make per day. The ideal setup would show the data in at least a limited way and be easily exportable to Excel.
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Whatpulse. They've been around since 2003 with no security scares/scandals afaik. Wikipedia.
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You might have better luck searching for these if you look for "Keyboard odometers". My searching brought up a ton of potential apps, but since I have no personal experience with any of them, I can't make a recommendation. The Whatpulse recommendation looks pretty good though.
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