Webhosts for small sites?
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I'd like some recommendations for web hosting companies for relatively small sites. Some snowflakery inside.

I have to find a new webhosting company and I want these things that my current host provides:

- the ability to manage multiple domain names on one account with an easy web interface. I currently host about 10 active sites with their own unique top-level names and pay about $100/yr for all of it

- email of course

- need to be able to install a CMS and have database access

The first point is the one that I think is most unique and important. I'd like it to be inexpensive; all of these sites are no more than 4 pages or so and not meant to be anything snazzy. Anyone know of a place I can do this?
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I think A Small Orange can do everything you're looking for. They're very helpful as well.
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One non-profit I work with uses Rackspace cloud. You might want to look them up.
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I've been using Pair.com for years. They are amazing! You can see some of their hosted sites here (including BobMarley.com, Wallace and Gromit.com, and IdahoPotato.com) so you'd be in good company.
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I'm in the process of moving AWAY from Dreamhost to Bluehost. Unlimited domains, unlimited space, etc, etc, all on one account. The prices are pretty reasonable. I just signed up for a year for $6.95/month, but if you pay for like, 3 years, you can get an even lower price per month ($3.95, I think?). Everything seems well-organized on their panel and I got WordPress installed quickly (they had a one-click install thing).
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Just about any web host should be able to do what you're asking, and for much less than a hundred dollars a year. And you're going to hear great and terrible stories about each. As an example, 1and1 was terrible for me when I tried them years ago, but Brandon obviously had a different experience.

I use dreamhost, which has fans and detractors. But it's fine for what little web hosting needs I have. Two things to remember:

1. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If they're offering everything unlimited 'everything', just remember they can say that because most people are going to use very little. If people actually pushed 'everything', they couldn't handle it (or if they can, the price is going to be vey high).

You don't need a plan that offers you the world, so don't be impressed by such boasts. Find a web host you're comfortable with and has good support (did they answer any first questions promptly and completely?).

2. A web host can go downhill, vanish, change hands, etc. over night. I've seen it happen. I would be wary of signing on for a long turn contract just to save a few bucks a year.

Good luck.
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+1 for A Small Orange. A very good friend of mine used to be a webdev freelancer (and is now a full time front-end UI person), and she swears by it, across a whole stable of clients' experiences.
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Keep in mind that 10 domains, alone, will run you over $100 a year without hosting, so be sure to budget for that.

Lots of good hosting options above (although you might reconsider a database and CMS for *four pages*).
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If you have a relatively low traffic site with very modest needs, you might check out NearlyFreeSpeech, which does very granular usage-based billing. You can install a CMS and use MySQL databases (though I don't know that they provide control-panel-based installation, if that's a requirement), but they only provide email forwarding, not outright email hosting.
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Thanks for all of the responses everyone! I will research your suggestions.

toomuchpete, I use CMSs because several of the sites, though simple, have blog-type things written by different users and they need an easy interface. Some of the others I just HTML by hand.

Thanks again all!
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I'd like to also recommend ASO—I've been with them for years and have no complaints!
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