Bachelorette in DC?
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Looking for a couple of nice, loungey spaces for a gathering of about 6 pretty relaxed women (mid-20's) in DC on a Thursday evening. The bride is pretty low-key, but loves 90's dance music. Ideally, we would: 1) relax at a pool during the afternoon 2) Have a relaxed dinner 3) Drinks at a lounge or low-key club Looking for suggestions for #1 and #3! Thank you!
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Low key bachelorette party on a Thursday could be tricky. You could rent a cabana at the Liasion Hotel pool. I've always enjoyed it for being low key although it may have been discovered by now.
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Not sure if there's a minimum number of guests/money required, but you might try the Penthouse Pool Club, the Liaison, or DNV, unless you know someone who will let you use the rooftop pool at Senate Square and the like.
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pretty low-key, but loves 90's dance music

For #3: I recently attended a bachelorette party where the evening portion was a private room at Muzette, a karaoke place in Adams Morgan. It was a big hit, we all had a great time. Tons of 90s hits on the books.

For #1: I know a DC public pool doesn't exactly scream bachelorette party, but if it's after June 23rd, the Harry Thomas Pool in NE is an excellent option if you have your heart set on a pool but can't find one or want to save $$. It's well maintained and never ever crowded. The Francis Pool in Dupont/West End is nice, too, but a bit more crowded.
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Here's a Post Pool Guide with location & rates info. Includes both private and public pools. It's from last year so the rates might be slightly different.
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It looks like the pool at the Liaison is free on weekdays after 5 p.m. though I've never been there before and have no idea if it gets crowded. As for where to go afterwards, the 9th and U Sts NW area have a lot of options. Nellie's seems bachelorette party friendly and there's also the Brixton and other bars.
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Not sure when said bachelorette is happening, but if it happens to be the same time as the No Scrubs party at the 9:30 Club, then it's serendipity.
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For laid back lounges I'd probably recommend going to 14th St/U st. Possibly Policy. Marvin's is nice. Black Whiskey.
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