My house needs new awnings. What would look good as a replacement?
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My house has front and back awnings, and they are torn, unravelling, and covered in lichen. I would like to get new ones, but I don't know what would look good color-wise. I also don't know whether I'd prefer metal or cloth. I do know that the back one should probably be metal, since the current one has a big rip where the cloth sagged when it was covered in snow, and then the door opened and ripped it. I am not the most color-coordinated. Should I go with a red/tan pattern similar to the house, or something that would stand out more?
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Anybody with an opinion is going to need to see a photo of your house to make any kind of suggestion, I think.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I meant to attach them, but then I didn't. Here are pictures of my house.
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I would pick a metal awning the color of the darkest tan found in the brick. It'll last longer than fabric and blend in.
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I would choose metal in an instant. Cloth will just not weather as well and will start looking shabby before the material fails. And, I'd try to match either the brick color (first choice) or the roof color depending on what colors are available. A factory finish to the metal would be my preference as they can bake paint on for a far more durable result.
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Metal over fabric for sure. As for color: I'd pick something as close to the reddish window trim as possible. Alternatively, I'd say a medium-to-dark forest-green. (And Quince is right: a factory paint choice is best for durability, even if it doesn't quite match the house's trim color.)
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Dark red or dark brown metal awning. This sort of model is quite attractive!
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Here's a nice before & after shot of a brick house with a new metal awning (and other paint changes).
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Dark metal. I really like the shape of the one that barnone linked to!
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