I need your Italian Beef Sandwich Recipe
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Chicagoans/Chicagophiles I need your help: an Italian Beef Sandwich recipe!

I've been trying to cobble one together from various cookbook and internet sources, but the jones has become so bad that I don't want to be disappointed by the fruits of my labor. The standard this sandwich is trying to match includes the sandwiches from Big Tony's on Milwaukee, Mr. Beef, Carm's Deli in Westchester, and of course Portillo's . I would prefer a slowcooker recipe if possible, and want to stay away from recipes in which the only ingredients are beef and "Italian Dressing." I'd prefer something that used fresh onions, peppers, spices, and beef broth, I'm just unsure of the volumes and times involved. Thanks very much for your help.
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I'd also be interested in this, having just moved from the chicago area and anticipating beef withdrawal shortly! It is worth noting that Buona Beef ships nationwide if things get too dire... =)
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Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich Crockpot Recipe (apologies annoying Casalmedia popup/under that AdsGone and Firefox can't fix)
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It might be cheating, by my sweetie uses deli-sliced roast beef, and real beef stock if she has it on hand. Otherwise, the "juice" is pretty close to the recipe that essexjan refers to above.

We've found the hardest part about re-creating beefs on the east coast is finding the right bread. What they call "Italian bread" here is a mushy pretender. Surely, it's no Gonnella. The closest substitute we've found is a decent bakery baguette.

Also, Portillo's ships.
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Don't forget the sweet peppers.
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