Working for Redfin as a Real Estate Agent
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My friend is a Realtor in Madison and needs a job for when she moves to Seattle. She's intrigued by Redfin. What should she know about working for them?

My Realtor friend enjoys the freedom of her current gig as an independent agent but knows that establishing that in a new city won't be possible right away. Redfin's model seems ideal for her situation but she hasn't been able to get a lot of information about what it's like to work for them as a Realtor.

Some specific questions she's given me to pass on:

1) How long is the hiring process, i.e. time from initial application to first day on the job? How does it work?
2) Is experience in the local market required to go straight to the Real Estate Agent position, or would experience in a different market be enough?
3) What are the scheduling and on-call expectations for the Real Estate Agent position? How many hours per week does the typical Real Estate Agent work?
4) How much is the typical monthly stipend, and what does the bonus structure look like?
5) Do Real Estate Agents typically work out of an office, from home, or on the go?
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She may want to check out, 66 people have reviewed Redfin as an employer.
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