And the beat goes on...
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They left the music running....(snowflakes inside)

My neighbor, who I get along with quite well, will be gone for some length of time. His mother, who lives here as well, just left to go camping for an unknown length of time (I wonder if she said a week). The neighbor's new wife has her own apartment where she and her new husband are spending most of their time. (I get the feeling son is helping Mom out with housing as she is probably not employable in the traditional sense.) Last week before wife and mom left I finally met wife who was taking mom to camping spot.

Someone--mom or wife--left music playing loud enough for bass to come through floor consistently. I'm kind of sensitive to noise due to my various diagnoses. It has been a dream to live here. I've texted Mom and landlord (also out of town, maybe out of country) for wife's phone number but with no luck. It is entirely possible that the next door neighbor has a key, or not. Because of my diagnosis, it's really important that I regulate my sleep. Landlady has a boyfriend who I think lives with her, I know his first name and nothing else. Of course I know her address, because I send the rent there.

I've been playing my air conditioner and box fans to counteract and of course the more I think about the music/the bass line the louder it seems.

What to do next?
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Got access to the main circuit breaker for the apartment or building? There's a possibility that turning off the power for a minute would leave the music off when you turn the power back on.
Also call Mom and landlord, don't just txt. Maybe a craigslist/taskrabbit can visit landlord to contact boyfriend or leave a note.
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It is entirely possible that the next door neighbor has a key, or not.

It will be very simple to fix if the neighbor has a key, so check on that first.

If you know wife's name try google and you might be able to turn up some contact info.

For calling, try calling twice in a row at different times.
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Is there a fuse box in the basement?
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Response by poster: Sophont, timsteil. The only breaker I have access to is the one in my apartment, and judging by what it reads, it's just for my floor. I don't know if theirs is in their apartment or in the basement apartment -- those kids are never home either. (Place is a recluse's dream.)

Yohko: I know her husband's name, but not hers (I met her once). I don't even know if she took his name. Craigslist/taskrabbit would be worth trying, except I only know the country landlady s in, no specifics.

I'll try calling both and e-mailing landlady again, but I don't think she checks mail much.
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Assuming all else fails, earplugs.
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Earplugs are great for blocking higher frequencies. But given low, bassy sounds which you can feel, earplugs no good.

I would become familiar with the whole building's circuit box, probably adjacent to the meters and maybe the cable junction. These are often unlocked, and inside are master circuit breakers, one for each apartment, possibly labeled rather crudely. 'A friend' often takes direct action given similar circumstances -- said friend currently having difficulties with inconsiderate neighbors who leave at 5:30 AM, turning on their noisy dishwasher just before departure.
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Response by poster: I got a voice mail from Mom about 7 pm on Wed night saying that she would send her DIL over. But as of now (about 7 am Friday) the music is still going. I don't think there are any fuse boxes on the outside, at least I didn't see any.

I don't fault Mom -- she's a lovely person, not of this world, but lovely, and barring this, one of the best neighbors I've had. And she probably just forgot.
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