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I am looking for classes/training on project management (PMP).

I am looking to get project management training so that I can better manage projects from end to finish. I have experience but need the all up training (tools/knowledge) to carry a project to completion. I have great ideas around new programs for my work but need some discipline/clear guidelines on how to carry a project to completion. One of the tempting aspect of such training would also be the templates that help scope out and implement projects. The end goal is to be a PMP certified manager.

Thanks in advance for input on places (online/offline) that provide such training. Book suggestions are welcome although I rather have in person training.

(I am presuming that this is different from Program management).
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PMI has tons of resources available to you, including some certification info.
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You need to start with the Project Management Institute, which certifies Project and Program Managers.
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Thanks. I do know of PMI. However I am hoping to hear from those who are/have received training from such resources or are doing this work (or are certified) as to how they got that kind of training and where did they get that (names of such institutes would be great). thanks.
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If you're looking for templates, etc., there are loads available on the ProjectConnections site.

As for actual training, you'll benefit from reaching out to your local PMI chapter to get recommendations for programs that are in your area. I've heard good-ish things from DC-area folks who have opted to take Villanova University's online exam prep.
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I got a lot of the 'basic' training provided at work, at the time they were wanting to up the game on Project Management, so it made sense to sponsor classes onsite.
I took RMC's "boot camp" (two intensive days of study) to pass the exam.
Several universities have 'certification' classes that provide students with the book-learning needed to pass the exam (University of Washington has a program, with night classes).
Agreed, though, that most cost-effective means is to join your local PMI, and take classes they offer - if you can't get your job to pay.
Good luck!
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If your company subscribes to Skillsoft/Skillport, you can take the classes online and it shouldn't cost you anything personally. (Skillsoft is a PMI Registered Education Provider). The basic classes do count as contact hours toward eligibility to take the exam. After the exam, there are also classes that count toward PDUs (continuing education points) for keeping the certification current.

I haven't taken any of the Skillsoft courses and I don't have the certification myself, but I'm the training manager for my office and was just researching this topic today for someone who is interested.

If you can't find affordable in-person training, you could try a book or online but then contact the local PMI chapter and ask them to match you up with a mentor to go over things you need more help on. Or to talk about templates and such. Certified PMPs can get PDUs for mentoring/coaching others, so the chapter may know of some people who can help you out.
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The software company I work for uses these guys for what it's worth:
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I did something called Cheetah Learning which got me certified in a week of intense study. I'd worked as a PM for a few years but hadn't even cracked the PMBoK until the Monday. Passed with flying colours on the Friday.
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