Best therapists in the Milwaukee or Appleton areas ?
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Trying to help a friend find a therapist. He's been seeing a counselor at our university, but the student counseling center is closing for the summer.

We live in Oshkosh, so there aren't too many choices for therapy here. His parents are aware of his depression and he can use their insurance (I'm not sure what they have or how much it matters). His family lives in Milwaukee, so that would be a good place to get therapy; he goes down for the weekend sometimes anyway. Otherwise perhaps Appleton (which is smaller but much closer) would be a good choice.

Looking for your very best recommendation for someone who uses a proactive approach. We've talked about his counselor at school, and he said that he got used to talking to her, and that the talking was nice, but that she didn't have much in the way of help.

Can you recommend anyone? Any help very much appreciated!!
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Is it possible for him to see the school counselor at their private practice over the summer?
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