Getting a package shipped to the US
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I'd like to purchase something online however it is only available for sale in Canada and the UK at this time, and they are not yet shipping to the U.S. Is there a way that I could arrange for an intermediary to get it shipped to a place in Canada and then forwarded to me?

It isn't the most cheap purchase (a couple hundred dollars), so I'd want a relatively secure mode, so I wouldn't be worrying that I'll lose my purchase to a stranger. I used to have friends living in Canada but they've all moved south in the last few years. It isn't anything illegal, by the way, that I'm planning on doing, here. Just thought I'd get that out of the way since I'm being kind of vague in the hopes that answers to my question will be useful to others in the future.
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You need a package forwarding service, such as Canadian Address (not vouching for that particular one, it's just an example).
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You could ask a MeFite to do it by posting to MeFi Jobs (e.g. like this).
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You can do this yourself via FedEx international services. You need a FedEx account, then you can have the item picked up in Canada and shipped to the US. FedEx does the customs brokering for you. All the relevant info is on the Fed Ex site.
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I've had rotten luck shipping things from private companies in foreign countries to my home in the US. When I asked my hotel in London to send stuff home for me (I had listed contents and value on the packages) the contact at FEDEX didn't promptly let me know the exact info she needed until it was almost too late. I never received the goods I shipped from the company Staples uses in Canada. They refused to let me use my home address as a return address, which I have done at foreign post offices without incident(I was also having issues with my phone and couldn't be contacted).

I have never had any problems using post offices in foreign countries.
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