Do I have to cancel my health insurance plan?
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I signed up for health insurance via the NY State health insurance exchange in February. At the time, I was unemployed and eligible for Medicaid, which I accepted so my plan was of no cost to me. Fast forward to today, and I have job and I am also covered by employer's health insurance. Is there anything I have to do, such as cancel the plan, because I am now under my employer's insurance plan?
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Yes, you need to contact your medicaid insurance provider and let them know that you've gained other coverage. The details depend state to state, but it will be in the stack of paperwork you got when you enrolled (something along the lines of "you must call us if there are changes to [x, y, or z] things that could change your eligibility". If you can't find it, your insurance card will have a phone number on it that will connect you to someone that can get you to the right person.
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