Where to stash a car for a couple of weeks near downtown Denver?
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We are on a roadtrip in Colorado and want to stay in downtown Denver for 1-2 weeks. We don't envision needing our car during our stay and wish to avoid the expensive parking options in downtown. Is there a good place to stash our car in the Denver area that is safe and inexpensive ($7/day or less) and readily accessible from downtown by public transportation? Any specific parking lot recommendations are welcome.
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Check with any storage-unit places in the area. Every one I've ever used has had a secure section of uncovered parking full of boats and cars.
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When I had to do this some years back I checked craigs list and found someone renting out a driveway space by the month. I only needed ~2 weeks as well but he was willing to do 30$ for the month so was still cheaper then most any other options.
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This page and my discussion with an RTD employee (I called to verify), you could park at a Park N Ride location for $4/24hours (there are also a few free locations). You can pay in advance, and so long as you've registered your license plate properly and such, you can take the car out and drop it back off if you need to, without any extra fees. I'd recommend a Park N Ride that isn't downtown, but is on a light rail line.

I can't speak to how safe some of them are, and they specifically say they aren't responsible for loss or damage, but it is a cheap alternative if you're ok with that part of it.

I'd also recommend the 10 ticket book if you're going to be using public transit a fair bit. If there's time left on a transfer, you could always just pop down to check on the car every so often.

The RTD site has some great resources on how the system works, or feel free to memail me if you have questions, there are a few of us that have used/use it a fair bit. If there's time left on a transfer, you could always just pop down to check on the car every so often.

Another option would be if there's a mefite easily reachable by transit who is willing to stash your car. I'd offer (you could park it on the street outside my apartment complex), but it's not super easily accessible by transit (only certain hours, a fair bit of time sitting on a bus to get here).

You might also consider posting in IRL and we could do a meetup! We like meeting traveling mefites.
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I would imagine there are a variety of long-term lots near the airport.
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You could leave it on the street by my place if you want (for free). I take no responsibility for it's well being but I've never heard of any issues. I live in Lowry and I'm on the #6 bus route to downtown. Message me if you want more details.
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Seconding leaving it on my street. I'm a few blocks from the Sheridan light rail station. MeMail me if you would like details.
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