What are these metal thingies?
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My daughter bought a second-hand sewing machine, a Singer Tradition, which is apparently only a couple of years old. Included in the accessories was a small ziplock bag which held six metal thingies, three of one sort and three of the other. We are baffled as to what they are.

The seller included a tackle box full of all sorts of random sewing notions and bits and pieces. The metal thingies appear to hook together as shown in the photos, but I'm not 100% convinced they are supposed to, because it's a bit tricky to get the spanner-shaped piece to hook into the bracket-shaped piece.

My first thought was some sort of bra extender or something, but the elevated hook part makes that unlikely, I reckon.

The bracket-shaped piece is about 20mm (3/4 inch) long, and the hook part sits about 5mm (1/4 inch) high.

The seller was a teenage girl who briefly flirted with sewing but decided it wasn't her thing, so I don't think these would be some highly specialised technical bit of gear. But I could be wrong.

Crappy pic 1, crappy pic 2, crappy pic 3.
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Maybe hook-and-eye closures? Like the kind you sometimes see inside pants waistbands?
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I have no idea. But that looks like picture hanging hooks. For wall use.
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They aren't sewing machine parts.
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Looks like hook and bar closures to me.
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Four minutes... you guys are amazing. And katemonster's link was great as a visual to show my daughter because the more I tried to explain how they worked, the more I confused her.

Daughter says, "thank you, mefites!".
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Yes, they are hooks and eyes. They used to be used commonly at waistbands of skirts and pants. I still see more streamlined versions ino ready to wear clothing.
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