Mobility expert in downtown Toronto?
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I'm nearly 37 and want to remain viable as an athlete. I'm looking to connect with some sort of practitioner in Toronto (physio, athletic therapist, whatever) who has a deep understanding of mobility, in particular hips and shoulders.

I've always been pretty inflexible, and assumed I couldn't really do much about it. I strength train intelligently with good form - mainly barbells, dumbells, and weighted dips/chinups - and take my time warming up before sports (mainly tennis)- lots of dynamic warm ups.

However, I think a lack of baseline flexibility is holding me back, in particular in my hips. For example, my TFL appears to be very susceptible to injury.

I've tried a whole bunch of stretches, and yes I've explored Kelly Starrett, but I have major difficulties finding a position where I can actually feel a nice healthy stretch.

I need someone who can spend some 1on1 time with me guiding me through some stretches and other mobility work. A bonus would be someone who understands the role of fascia, and the proper use of therapy balls.

TLDR, need a qualified geek with experience to help me improve my mobility/flexibility in downtown Toronto
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I have a friend in downtown Toronto (King and Bathurst area) that runs her own studio, Movement Revolution. She specializes in biomechanics and alignment work. Not sure if her services might be what you are thinking of, but the alignment and stretching work that she does sounds like it might meet your needs. This is her website.
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thanks for the recommendation Cyrie, I don't think it's what I'm after, but I appreciate the information.
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The Urban Athlete is a place to look, and Bang Fitness might have other referrals for you.
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Thank you lizifer, the people at bang fitness look competent - I may contact them asking for advice.
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I would look at IMS/dry needling as another modality. I have had massive improvements in range of motion with needles in the TFL combined with core/gluteus medius strength training.

Dry needling hurts like a motherfucker but beats a foam roller and a hockey stretch six ways from Sunday. Sorry I don't have a Toronto rec but thought you might want to look into this modality while you research practitioners. I found my guy by referral from RMT, and I picked the RMT for his sport team experience.
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thanks for the suggestion - I've had dry needling (and electroacupuncture) for addressing injuries/pain, but until now had never heard about its use for increasing range of motion.

Not sure I'd want to go that route, as am looking for something I can learn to do myself (and goddamn it hurts when the needle first goes in!)
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