Hayfever frog noises! How to repress?
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Bad hayfever sufferer here and the only way I can describe one of the symptoms is like an involuntary grumbly frog noise that seems to be like my throat is trying to itch itself??? It is only for the allergy season and seems often worse at night.. but it's pretty loud and weird (normally happens a few times per time) and embarrassing infornt of others. A bit like a tic almost. I consume a lot of honey and apple cider concotions which helps a bit.. but has anyone else had this and controlled it? It's well weird.
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Do you take any actual antihistamines or decongestants?
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Sounds like catarrh. What are you taking?
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Nah it's not cloggy like catarh.. I can't find another way to explain it, I think maybe someone would need to have had it to know what I mean.. like some kind of muscle contraction???

I am not taking anti histamines just now but have done in the past and they don't help with it - infact do they actually help anyone with anything?
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I get that and a weird head twitch related to my sinuses when I have allergies/sinus issues.

I've found sipping hot tea very helpful, I put honey in it to get the 2 for 1 effect. Any type of tea will do the drink, the warm liquid is the key here.

What antihistamines have you taken, sometimes you have to switch around a little to find one that works. Zyrtec sent me into a sleepy crying jags and benadryl does nothing for me but I've had good luck with Allegra, though it took me about 2 weeks of taking it for it to really kick in. My MIL is the other way around so just in case you haven't already tried a range I'd suggest trying that. If nothing else if it is related to mucous build up a decongestant or some Mucus Aid might help. A lot of things related to the throat tie into the can stem from the sinuses so if those don't work maybe give Nasacort a try.
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It might be worth getting a referral to an allergist to discuss this issue. Hoarseness in the throat due to allergies can be a symptom of anyphylaxis (according to the fact sheet my allergist gave me; IANAD).
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I do this, scratching my throat with my tongue. I've always done it intentionally, and since I was young, but the solution at any rate is antihistamines. Hay fever is all about being allergic to the outside world, and the nose and throat are the entry point to the body, hence problems.

Different allergy pills work differently on different people, you may just have to find the right one. Zyrtec doesn't work as well as Claritin for me, and neither work as well as Seldane did (different story). I've also tried homeopathic remedies like the Boiron one, but that I think had mostly only a placebo effect.
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Throat growl? I get it the worst when my ears are recovering from congestion, so I'd always assumed it was a change in pressure under a specific set of circumstances that caused it.

Maybe try a decongestant? I prefer the drugstore version of the real Sudafed, the stuff you have to get from behind the pharmacy counter.
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Fellow nasal allergy sufferer - Flonase (fluticasone propionate - nasal spray rather than a pill) changed my life. It does what things like Claritin/Zyrtec/Allegra could not.
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