"Little Ballerina Blue"?????
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There is an old piece of music called "Little Ballerina Blue" that Art Bell (of all people) used to play on his show years ago. It was a simple piano piece - but really nice. I once had a copy that he had posted on his website in the late nineties, but lost it, and have not been able to find it anywhere since.

I have written to Art Bell over the years to see if I could get a copy - or find out where he got his - but he has never written back. I have found the sheet music for this, but surely that same file I downloaded is out there somewhere! Does anyone know about this and know where I could find a copy? Thanks, AskMe!!
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Best answer: Here.

top result for google search for little ballerina blue
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Response by poster: Thanks softlord! If you searched Google and it was the top result, Google offers different results as it's not anywhere on my first three pages - even with quotation marks. Weird. Thanks so much - even though it's a record and I don't have a record player, I am going to buy it! Thanks again!

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