Two Phones, One Case
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I now have two iPhones - my personal iPhone 5 and my work 5C. Right now they both have protective cases (5, 5C). I tend to carry them both around at work along with my laptop (I go to a lot of meetings) and often drop/fumble them, so I'd like to buy a case that accommodates them both.

I'm thinking about having one of these made, but I'd like to know if there are other options. If anyone has one of these, or experience with this company - would you recommend them?

- US$150 max
- Ships to US or available at stores in the Philly area

I'd prefer some or all of the following features:
- a small pocket for ID/credit card/cash
- fits with my existing protective cases
- functional when I only carry my personal phone (maybe I could put some additional items in the other slot?)
- able to see the screens without removing the phones (this is the only feature missing from the one above)
- as small as possible

I don't need to be able to use the phones while they are in the case (as long as the protective cases fit in the carrying case so the phones are protected when I drop them trying to pull them out).

I know just putting them in my purse and carrying that around is an option, but I don't really want to do that.
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For your purposes, would something like a laptop sleeve with exterior pockets work? Or, if you carry a paper notebook, a notebook case with pockets (also available in A4)?

What about something like a Grid-It (would let you see the screens) or a Tom Bihn Freudian Slip?
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Also, Levenger carries a double eyeglass case and a phone/eyeglass case that might hold two phones. Their customer service is great, if you wanted to call and ask if your phones in their cases would both fit. They also have stuff like leather laptop sleeves with pockets.
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