Good free, open-source support ticket system?
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I am now managing a small team of question-answerers in a University setting. The team has a physical location, but I'd like to implement an effective online system for them to receive questions as well.

There are a number of things I'd like (don't know if I can get all of these, but...):

1. Assignment of questions to team members
2. Tracking issues by keywords, both pre-defined and arbitrary
3. Ability to submit file attachments
4. Wiki/FAQ system
5. Feedback from users
6. Ability to log in / track users via LDAP
7. Free, open-source
8. markdown support / extensibility

Does anyone have familiarity with such a system?
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I'm a big fan of Best Practical's Request Tracker (RT) offering -- it provides nearly everything you want, except for the markdown support (which it apparently kinda has?). We've been running it at my college's IT department for about 13 years (since version 1.0, and upgrading smoothly all along) and are quite pleased with it.
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Don't know about Markdown support, but you might want to check out SpiceWorks. It ticks all the other boxes for sure.
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