There's always room for Vitamin D Jell-O shots?
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Pretty much what it says in the title. If I mix up jello & pour into shot sized containers, can I dropper vitamin d liquid to each & expect them to form & be taken?

Don't like pills, liquid is gross. Would rather make a weeks worth at a go. Pcp says take at least 2500 iu daily forever (blood test every six months).

For various reasons & after extensive trial & error, supplementation has been deemed the least worst course of action.
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No idea about jello. But have you tried the high concentration vitamin D drops? They're not so much a "liquid" but a sub-pea size drop of oil. We've used Vitacost (in a lower concentration for our daughter from near birth and she's never had a problem) and they have a 2000 IU per *drop* bottle: Vitacost drops 2000 IU. It's really is a trivial amount to just put on your tongue (which I've done if I mess up and get it on my finger) or any food once or twice a day. It may be worth trying this before you go the jello route (worse case, use this for into your jello).
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But you are missing out on the glory of Vitafusion chewable vitamins!! The vitamin D is pretty tasty and close to a gummy bear in texture. I can't recommend the calcium much. It's okay and far easier on me than calcium pills, but leaves quite a bit to be desired. The vitamin D chewable is great. 2000 IU per 2 gummies.
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Try it! Make a few. Worst case you're out 99 cents for a box of jello and a dose or two of vitamin D.

Sidebar: Applesauce (especially the single servings) would be a lot less labor intensive. A LOT.
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I'm not sure if this will help, but I take a small 50,000 softgel once a week. I'm not sure how averse you are to pills, but this one is easy easy - and maybe easier than dosing jello everyday forever.
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I've had Vitamin D levels ranging from 15-27, even during the summertime. Autoimmune disorder fun. Now they're finally at 60 after 3 months of 2 drops of this every morning. I've never been able to get my levels up this high in my life, even with fancy expensive doctor-recommended brand high dose (5,000 iu x 2) capsules.

Can you drop 1-2 drops of fresh olive oil on your tongue every morning before breakfast? Then you can do this. Olive oil. That's all it is. (Yes, it costs about $20. But I'm not even a quarter of the way through it 6 months later. That's already $60-80 less than the 6 month tab for the capsule/pill supplements my doc has been recommending, which I wasn't absorbing.)

You're biggest concern is going to be to make sure you have your doc retest in 3 months or so to make sure your levels don't go too high on 2 drops instead of 1. It's that effective. (And you'll even notice the difference, if you're very low: morning actually feels like morning now, among other things.)
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I guess I'll just try the drops again, then. Gummies were bad tasting and the "chocolate" vitamin prenatal chews always smell vomitously unpleasant to me.

Thanks for the tip on getting it measured in three months. I'll put it on my calendar.

The thing with applesauce is that I've already ruined it for the family with probiotics. No one will even touch the stuff anymore; for now I'm the only one taking Vitamin D but at least one of the kids may end up needing similar supplementation though I'm working on them being able to take pills. Figured if I could do jello shots they could too if it comes to that. :P

As for the why and what ... the theory is for preventing future osteoporosis issues since I'm tipped over into the old lady bucket. "You won't feel a difference but you need it" were pretty much his words. I do hope it perks me up a bit, I'm feeling a little bit unperky. This dude (been seeing for 10 years, is supervised by a DO) doesn't generally prescribe anything, so when he does say "do this" I get it done because we're out of other less drastic options. :P

Gummies are also banned in the house along with sticky candy and gum per the dentist (pulled off too many coverings on the kids' teeth or something).

I'll hit up Whole Paycheck tomorrow and see what I come up with. I might just get a prenatal again so I can get B12, too. It's not officially low but I don't like the number or Special K cereal :P.
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Because Vitamin D is an oil-based vitamin, all the concentrates are basically oil. Oil and water don't mix (unless you do crazy stuff) so adding drops of concentrate to Jello would probably put an oily film on the top of the gel. Is that gross? eh, not a big deal to me, but I'd be concerned that in handling the jello I'd wipe the vitamins off it accidentally. You'd have to really do jello shots that you slurp out of little dixie cups without touching, and even then you might lose 25% of your dose to the inside of rim of hte cup.
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These are quite tasty. Citrus tabs smaller than a tic-tac.
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Based on the oil info from aimedwander, you might want to think about other oilbased foods that you could add a drop into/onto. What about salsa, guacamole, queso, or onion dip? Something cheesy like a forkful of lasagna or a bite of grilled cheese sandwich (can you take the vitamins with a meal?)? Keep a can of oil-packed tuna or sardines in the fridge and take a bite every day with your drops?
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Well, I bought a drecky tasting chewable (they didn't have the dots at Whole Paycheck) so we will see. Thanks, all. From what I see no more than 4,000 IU a day but we'll see how I handle it.
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Have you asked your PCP about injections? I'm assuming they have them in the US. When I lived in Korea, my D3 was so low as to almost be off the charts. My doc gave me injections every three months and tested every three months.
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