What is this motif on a Japanese kimono?
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Can anyone identify what this symbol is supposed mean or represent? It's a pattern on a kimono.
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It might be a bunny or a rabbit. I feel like I had a tote with the same symbol from the local Japanese market as a kid.
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It looks like an (even more) stylized version of the rabbit in the moon making mochi.

The rabbit here has a similar looking head (the one on the bottom), but is more obviously a rabbit.
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I agree that it probably has to do with the rabbit in the moon.
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That's a 'mon', probably. It's usually a family symbol.
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Looks like an informal yukata (cotton summer kimono), and as there's visible machine stitching and the patterns don't quite line up, I'm willing to bet it's a cheap yukata given to guests at a hotel/inn/ryokan.

While the bunny (yes it's a bunny :) ) is clearly styled to resemble a mon, it's not – that is a very modern bunny. Given that it's likely to be a yukata linked to a commercial venture, I'm also willing to bet that modern hoppity-hop design is the logo of wherever it came from.

Tsuki no usagi is the main mythological callback, yep!
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fraula has it.

(also, it looks quite familiar...I think it may actually be a hotel yukata from one of the MANY hot spring hotels around Beppu, though I haven't been there in well over a decade. the clue that it is not, in fact, a mon is the placement. it's hard to tell from the photo, but the mon is usually a singular mark at the upper center of the shoulder blades.)
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