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I need to create a list of tasks that rotate between a number of employees on a monthly basis. I'd like the ability to assign a variable number of tasks to each employee, so one person might receive one task and another two. Previously this had been done manually on an excel sheet; can you think of any way to semi-automate it?

I have access to the Microsoft Office suite and that's about it. What had been done in the past was just pasting employees names into the excel list and going through each month trying not to repeat. I'm just looking for something a little less labor-intensive.
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You can do this with Trello, it's great for basic project/task management (and free). For what you want to do, you can create cards with checklists and assign the cards to different people every month.
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You can assign tasks in outlook. You should be able to make them recurring and just assign them to a new person each month.

It might be difficult to keep track of the rotation though, but you could keep a list of employees on each task, and just go in order. So if you know Jane was this month, you'd pick the name below hers for the next month.
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