Instructions for our house guests?
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My wife and I are going to have house-sitting guests for the first time in our lives. We want to provide them with a collection of information (a binder) on things like how to connect to the WiFi in the house, who to call if there are any problems with an appliance, etc. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so - are there examples on the Web that I can use as a starting point, and to make sure my binder is reasonably complete? Or a draft binder that I can buy and modify?

Searching AskMeFi, I've found the makings of a good list here and possible additions here, but I'd still like to find a comprehensive, organized set of instructions if one exists.
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We made such a binder, and here are the categories we used:
Entering and Exiting (Locks, Keys, Door Quirks)
Stockpiled Supplies (Toothbrushes, Medicine, Staple Foods)
Our Car
Fun Places in the Neighborhood
Using the Dishwasher
Doing Laundry
Cat Care
Finding Things in the Kitchen
Cleaning Supplies
Trash and Recycling
Wifi and Entertainment

We also included information about how to reach us, a backup cat care person, our doctors, our vets, and our other family members.
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Lifehacker had a "guest information packet" you could download from their site four years ago, but the link appears to be dead on their site but I found it here. (fill-in pdf)
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Here's an interesting take on it..
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I don't have a suggestion for a pre-made binder but here are two important things to include:

Instructions for any specific "house" or pet routines you have. For example, my parents are very particular about opening the blinds in the morning, and closing them at night and turning on specific (but not all) outdoor lights at dusk. So they leave very detailed instructions about these routines for house sitters.

House quirks... like, "Don't worry if you hear a weird noise in the bathroom, it's just the wind flapping over the attic vent" or things like that. I am always creeped/worried by weird things when house sitting that I later find out are just house quirks that the homeowners knew about.
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In addition to all of the above, we have a Transportation section that deals with things like neighborhood street parking restrictions, which buses/trains are most convenient, and the best way to give a cabbie/Uber driver directions back to our place.

We've also started e-mailing guests an eBook/PDF version (created with iBooks Author) prior to their arrival.
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