Where to buy large(ish) cable clips in Canada?
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I'm much of the way through building a TRS Drawbot robotic arm thingy, and I need to buy cable organizer / management clips more or less like this that are large enough to hold a sharpie (or similar-sized) marker. The Make Magazine project was sponsored by a US retailer that doesn't exist in Canada, and I'm having trouble locating an equivalent or serviceable substitute on short notice here. If you've seen these or something that you think would work in a pinch around - at a national chain, or somwhere in the downtown/East end Toronto areas - I'd really appreciate your help!

Mostly I'm finding nail-in coax clips, which are great for that but won't help me.

I can order something great from eBay, but shipping form China is sloooow and I'm an eager beaver.

My workaround in the meantime is to zip-tie, elastic, or double-stick tape the marker in place - that will work, but may not be solid enough to prevent additional wobble that I'd like to avoid.
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3M Command has a range of adhesive cord clips. I got some last year at Canadian Tire.
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If not Canadian Tire, Rona, Lowes or Home Hardware for sure.
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Thanks mantecol - I've just picked up a 4-pack of 3M clips from Canadian Tire (where I was browsing hardware and reading this when you posted). They look a little on the small side and somewhat brittle, but they should at least hold a standard pen (if not a full-size Sharpie) to tide me over while I wait for something ideal.
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The whiteboard marker section of Staples has pens that include little self adhesive clips to hold the white board marker on the white board (some are magnetic). The self adhesive part is usually pretty cheezy but nothing a little 5 min epoxy wouldn't fix.
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