I want to be Happy-er!
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Oh hive, what are your favorite remixes of "Happy"?

I haven't managed to wear out Pharrell Williams' "Happy" yet and that's after hearing it at the mall EVERY TIME I VISIT. (When you need a great vocal job done, give it to a guy who sounds like Eddie Kendricks.)

Please tell me of your favorite remixes of this track, no matter where you found them. I'm aware of "24 Hours of Happy" - I'm more after DJs/turntablists' versions.

I could go mucking around on YouTube by myself, and I probably will, but I have faith that the hive will steer me right.
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Best answer: Cousin Cole's "Happy" Reggae Version
posted by stachemaster at 7:30 AM on June 5, 2014

Walk off the Earth

This is my favorite so far.
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I love Pomplamouse's version.
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not sure if this will make you happier, but it's a damn fine remix: Happy (Woodkid Sad Remix)
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ok fine: a more happy and *way* more funky remix - fills it right out: Happy (NEUS Remix)
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