Good daily baseball podcast?
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I am looking for a baseball podcast that gives a rundown of the previous days games. The old Baseball Today used to do that, but since they've switched over I haven't been able to find anything that does this. Sounds simple, right?
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I've tried listening to the Baseball Tonight podcast, but the sound quality drives me crazy.
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I have sampled a wide, wide array of baseball podcasts and have not found anything matching this description. The only other daily non-team-specific podcasts I know of are BP Baseball Daily and Sully Baseball Daily, both are which are also discussion shows rather than recaps. The BP show is the kind of thing you'd expect from Baseball Prospectus: knowledgeable, stat-oriented, not as smooth and polished as Buster Olney's Baseball Tonight podcast. Sully's show is around the level of AM sports radio discussion, hampered by him having few if any people to bounce off of during his show.
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When you consider how impractical it would be for an amateur or even semi-professional blogger to see enough each day of 12-15 major league games to offer anything more than a recounting of data from box scores, it becomes clear the only way such a podcast would ever exist would be if a major sports outlet decided to invest the resources in it... well, it becomes pretty unlikely that it's out there and we're just missing it.
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It seems so simple and like regular news, but noooooooo.
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