Point me to some strange, macabre or otherwise bizarre news-y websites!
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Inspired by this Gabriel Garcia Marquez interivew, I'm looking for some off-beat news stories to inspire a collection of short stories I'm writing.

I read Atlas Obscura, Longform, the toast and Cabinet pretty regularly but none of those sites are topical.

I'm looking for pieces of journalism with an air of the fantastic but are based entirely in fact, those "truth is stranger than fiction" pieces. I'm thinking of local news stories, quirky tales or accidentally hilarious pieces (ex. the tiny print in The New Yorker: "Block That Metaphor!"). Another example: my sister gets emails from the Wisconsin DNR Outdoor report and I was just tickled by this email heading, "Warm weather moving bass, panfish into shallows, has turtles on the move, and triggers hatches of mosquitos and black flies."

Are there any sites that aggregate these kinds of pieces?
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News of the Weird
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I like Nothing To Do With Arbroath for this in part because he gets stories that aren't all American-centric.

Also, you might try the small newspapers that are known for their quirky crime reports. The Rochester Times Police Report has some funny stuff, as does a small paper in Northern California, the name of which I'm blanking on right now.
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I think you're referring to the police log at The Arcata Eye, thebrokedown.
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