Cortisone shot for acne in Paris?
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I have developed a cystic acne that I'd like to get rid of before the weekend. My skin is fine otherwise, and although I have not tried the cortisone injection before, I've heard good things about it. However, despite calling many doctors, I cannot seem to find a dermatologist who would perform this in Paris. (It seems to be a very uncommon procedure in France). Does anyone have experience with this in Paris?
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Are you talking about intralesional steroid injections into the places themselves? I'm a medical assistant for a dermatologist, and depending on who you talked to at our clinic they may or may not think that was something we would do. I can't imagine that they don't do any intralesional steroid injections in Paris. We use it very frequently for other things, however not as commonly for acne (however our patients are usually more chronic cases). Just ask if they do steroid injections at all, and they should be able to. However, if they seem uncertain I would just forego it and see if they can give you a low potency topical steroid to help the inflammation decrease. Better that they definitely know what they are doing - too little and it won't help at all, and too much and you could end up with a dent in your face. An actual dent. For a while... no bueno.
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I used to get kenalog shots - worked brilliantly. My experience with both of these shots is that kenalog is milder (though I'm not sure it is medically). Maybe they'd agree to kenalog?
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Kenalog is what we use as well.
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