Scrubs for a tall skinny guy?
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Where can I buy scrubs that fit me? I'm a tall, skinny guy (6' 1", 31" waist) and would like to buy several sets of scrubs in neutral colors. Suggestions of online sources, chain stores or local places (currently in the DC area) are all welcome.
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Ugh. I know that pain. Men's Scrubs are awful. I'm slightly taller than you and not quite as skinny (6'3", 34 inch waist) and found the key is to get tops in a "long" or "tall" size. I think the best-fitting sets I've had are combining a Medium Long top and Medium pants. Dickies brand is my preference, but I'd definitely find a way to try some on for fit before buying several sets since sizing can vary pretty wildly between brands.
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Allheart has Men's Tall Scrubs.

Scrubs and Beyond, they have Dickies.

Marcus Uniforms.

When I was buying scrubs for Husbunny, on-line was the best way to go.
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ScrubMed, an Oregon company, will customize length of inseam and tops. It looks like you can order, off the shelf, inseams of up to 36". When I lived/worked in Oregon, I bought all my scrubs there. I was still wearing most of the sets I bought there nearly 10 years later.
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