Russian Lullabies
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My close friends are about to finalize their adoption of a baby from Saratov, Russia. The baby has spent some time in an orphanage in Saratov, and I think a nice gift for him would be a CD of songs that might have been sung to him during his infancy. Can anyone recommend a good source for Russian children's music?
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Some Russian childrens' songs here:

Someone who had a similar idea:
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This is a site I've ordered from before that appears to be reliable.

This link is to the search for "lullaby" in Russian. The good thing is you can listen to many of the CDs before you buy (or, with the necessary skills, you can just... well, I leave that up to you). Just click on the little media player icons (there's also a "switch to English" link at the top of the page in case it comes up in Russian).
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P.S. I think your opinion of Saratov orphanages may be a little high if you think someone routinely took the time to sing lullabies to this baby... so English melodies will work just as well.
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There is always David Grisman and Jerry Garcia's version of Irvin Berlin's "Russian Lullaby". Not in Russian, but it is a nice song.
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You might try music from Cheburashka cartoons. You can listen to some low-bitrate samples of the music at:

The site is in Russian, but the links should be self-explanatory. The song К сожалению, день рождения..., about how sad it is that birthdays only come once a year, is particularly well-known (either that or it was just the favorite of my Russian instructor).
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Thanks for all the helpful replies!
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