Energy attunements: is it possible to become an energy healer online?
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I'm getting mystery pains as I mentioned in another question. I'd like to treat this with an energy modality, e.g. Reiki. I am based in the UK. Ideally I would like to learn online.

Could someone please advise me what my options are for receiving energy healing online? I'm also interested in becoming an energy healer myself. Are there any healing modalities which can be learnt from a website, audio or e-book?

Thanks for any advice.
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I have had Reiki performed on me for some knee pain (bursitis) I was having. A good place to start might be, they have a page about distant attunements that you might find helpful. Here is a request form that you can fill out to receive a distant Reiki healing. Here is a free online Reiki tutorial.

FWIW, I had best results combining energy healing with traditional evidence-based medicine, but YMMV. Good luck, I hope your pain subsides. I will think good thoughts for you.
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I work with someone (she's a project manager) who does this as an established side business, and conducts sessions over the phone. Memail me if you want more info.
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Perhaps it would be best to find a university qualified reiki practitioner to ensure you're not being taken advantage of financially and talk to them first. I'm sure you'd want your qualification legitimately recognised if you were paying money for it. Universities do online learning.
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I'd really be careful and be wary of those teaching something like this online.
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If a reputable institution, like a university, offers this course there is no reason to not accept accreditation of online study from the institution. If the institution is not reputable, then no kind of accreditation is acceptable. The mode of study is not important, the credentials of the organisation and thus the teachers are. If credible and well regarded educators at established institutions think a course can be taught online, I would believe them.

The onus is on the original poster to find such an institution and trust the rigours of their accreditation that they won't offer a course online if it's not possible to teach it online. But obviously it's important to make sure the qualification is of value by looking at the reputation of the institution and how it's regarded by fellow academics at other universities. It would be quite terrible to spend money on a qualification that was not well regarded, taught nothing, and made the poster lose credibility in their area. We all know to be careful of shady practices, and shady education is no less fraught. Hence my suggestion of a good university...and if they have online modules, even better.
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