Young adult novel about becoming a girl becoming a fugitive?
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In the late 90s, I read a lot of young adult novels - the plot of one in particular has stuck with me for years and I think about it way too much. If you could help me track it down I would be forever grateful. Basic premise, a teen girl sees something she shouldn't while at her father's house and she then goes on the run.

- I think the parents were divorced and she was visiting her father when she sees "it."

- For some reason, she has to run away, rather than calling the police. I THINK that she was suspected of committing the crime (it might have been that she killed her father.)

- She runs to a mall (as one does) and changes her appearance. She remembers that her father once told her that they best way to alter your appearance is to change your weight. So she buys (and I am sure of this point) jeans and a pink sweatshirt several sizes too big.

- She probably also dyes her hair, though I am less sure of that. Possibly from blonde to brown (I vaguely recall being offended by how derogatory she is about brown hair but that could have been from any number of stories.)

That is sadly everything I can recall. Those few details pass through my mind quite frequently - its like having a song stuck in your head and not knowing the refrain. Please help!
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Best answer: Wanted by Caroline Cooney? See customer reviews for plot points.
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Response by poster: Thank you, carmicha! I'm chagrined that you identified it so quickly but forever grateful that the mystery is solved. I now have plans for Saturday.
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