Help me replace these specific socks
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I prefer to own only one type of sock, because it expedites the laundry, and when one wears out you haven't lost the pair. Sadly, my favorite socks appear to have been discontinued. Help me find a replacement!

Currently, my sock of choice is the Dockers mid rib anklet because they are soft and comfortable, don't leave bad sock-marks, fit well under my shoes, and are a good height. It's been a few years since I've bought any, and enough have worn out that it's time to restock. Imagine my horror upon finding that Amazon implies they've been discontinued!

So. Do you know of something that would blend in well enough to mix with these?
Do I have to replace all my socks? With what?
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I swear by Uniqlo's men's socks, which are pretty cheap and come in a ton of colors. Here's a closeup, to show you that they're similar to your faves.

They're sturdy, they're soft, and the elastic doesn't perish, and they're a nice midcalf height on me (I can't deal with women's socks that barely come over my ankle bones). I tend to wear mine out at the heels, but otherwise they last for ages.
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I like Gold toe men's socks (I'm a she, feet are 7.5). They're a wee bit too big for me so the heel hits me around my achilles tendon but not enough so to deter me from using them. I buy them a dozen at a time, all in black, and am very pleased with them.

Last forever, look decent, tend to sag just a bit by midafternoon (but I pull them up high which I think contributes).
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1. For cheap personal items like sox and underwear, always buy more than you need, and leave some in the original bag....for just these situations. Nothing lasts forever! I also have a few of my favorite toothbrushes stowed away in a closet.

2. When socks go 404, seek replacements of the same formulation. e.g. these. If those don't work for you, just search for: anklet "rayon from bamboo"
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I definitely like having one kind of sock. I get Gold Toe women's socks. My dad has been wearing Gold Toes forever so I figured they were a good bet.
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I'm a fan of the Tilley socks, they have the added benefit of not leaving sock lint all over my feet. Plus they come in four colors.
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