Apple Certified Lightening Cable Recommendation
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Looking for a recommendation for a LONG (6 feet) Apple Certified Lightening Cable that works works to charge my iPad.

Greetings all -

I need a cable to charge my iPad that is longer than the 3 foot standard cable that came with my iPad. I use my iPad for work on my desk and the 3 foot cable doesn't cut it.

I have purchased 3 longer cables in the past, but they either don't work (I get an error message as soon as I connect) or it worked fine, until I upgraded to iOS7.1 and then I got the error message and it will no longer work.

Here is what I would love to have:

- Apple Certified Lightening Cable (for changing an iPad)
- LONGER than 3 feet (6 feet is ideal), anything longer than that would be too long
- Able to purchase online
- Able to ship to Canada without breaking the bank. I saw a cable advertised yesterday for $14usd and the cost to ship to Canada was $32usd....for one cable. No thanks.

Anyone have any success with this? Any recommendations???

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Best answer: Amazon's cable is very reliable, in my experience.
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I've bought 6' cables from both Apple and Amazon and have had no problems with either.
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Response by poster: Excellent. I saw the Amazon ones and they look good (and I like their price point).
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Best answer: The other way to do it is to purchase a 6' USB A-Male to A-Female cable and then just plug your Lightening cable into that.

I don't live in the Canada but a quick look on shows that it'll cost you around $6.
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Nthing the Amazon cable. Works like a charm with my iPhone 5. Bought that after I vacuumed up my official Apple cable. :/
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One caveat on the Amazon cable, it seems I sometimes have to unplug the USB end from the port and re-plug it in order for the cable to be recognized by the iDevice.
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I also have the Amazon cable, it does indeed work fine but it's somewhat bulkier overall than the Apple cable and might not fit with some accessories. If you're just using it alone, there's no issue.
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I like the amazon cable. I think its much higher quality than my deceased apple one. It is a little thicker, but I find it to be more durable too.
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Best answer: I'm a big supporter of just regular USB extension cables - that way you can charge your iPad or other things farther away from an outlet, and they're usually pretty cheap from anywhere. (Plus, you have the benefit that if/when Apple changes the connecter again, you're set - although I doubt that'll be happening anytime soon.)
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Response by poster: Thanks all.

Based on the above, I am going to go with a Amazon cable and also pick up a USB extender.

Thanks again for all of those that replied!
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