Where can I find lunch meat called chicken roll?
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Where can I find lunch meat called chicken roll?

Chicken roll is lunch meat (a.k.a. cold cut, deli meat, or luncheon meat) I had as a kid growing up in Philadelphia. It is chicken combined with binders and fillers made into a circular loaf. It was a key component in my childhood pepperoni/olive loaf/chicken roll/square (American) cheese sandwich that I am trying to recreate. I'm quite the foodie and I must have these particular components.

Apparently Tyson Foods re-introduced Weaver brand chicken roll in 2011, but I have been unable to find it in the Baltimore/DC metro area. To no avail, I have checked Wegman's, Harris Teeter, Weis Markets, Trader Joe's, and Food Lion.

Just to be clear: I am specifically not interested in chicken breast, turkey breast, turkey roll, tofurkey roll, making my own chicken roll, or anything other than chicken roll. I want to be able to go to a deli counter and say "A half pound of chicken roll, please." or pick up some pre-packaged chicken roll in my grocer's refrigerated case.
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Hey, I remember chicken roll! According to that Weaver site:

The Weaver Chicken Roll is currently available in Northeast markets and can be found at grocer's deli counters. To confirm availability in your area, contact Consumer Information Services at 1-800-233-6332.

A really old Chowhound thread from 2004 mentioned that somebody found it at Stop and Shop. Otherwise, maybe you're a little bit too far south? Call them tomorrow morning. Otherwise, road trip?
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Stop and Shop is a good bet. I worked for 5 long years in a S+S deli in the 80-90's and sliced plenty of that stuff.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately it is not really feasible for me to get to a Stop and Shop. Their closest store to me now or where I grew up is Northern New Jersey. It does look like Stop and Shop is owned by Giant, so maybe I'll check out a Giant. I'm trying to find chicken roll in the Balto/DC area first, metro Philly area second. If I can't find it in either of those two areas I'll do without.
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I remember seeing it in South Jersey grocery stores growing up (i.e. the suburbs of Philly but on the NJ side of the river.) Based on that, another grocery chain to check with would be ShopRite, and they have ShopRites in Maryland (as well as DE, PA, NJ, including South NJ).

If you don't have any luck with Maryland ShopRites or other stores, you might with those in Delaware, if you want to try someplace besides the Philadelphia area. In my experience comparing notes with my pal from Delaware, there are a lot of similar foods we had when I was growing up in the Philly area and what she had growing up in Delaware.
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Giant may just be the solution. Same logo, and I'd be the same store with a different name for whatever regional reason.
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I have to add though, that to my memory (and I admit it has been a looong time since I had chicken roll) the flavor profile at least (though of course not the texture/mouth feel) of canned chicken seemed similar to chicken roll to me. You might still consider trying Tyson canned chicken as a substitute if you can't find chicken roll.

Not trying to offend, and if you will accept no substitute I will understand completely - after all, for me the only scrapple that is really scrapple is Habbersett!
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Keeping with the bargain grocery idea, do you have Bottom Dollar stores nearby? They are a downmarket subsidiary of Food Lion. (I was surprised there could be such a thing.) Maybe worth checking there?
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Response by poster: Yes, I do have a Bottom Dollar nearby. I'll try them also.
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You might try calling the Shop Rite in Glen Burnie. The owners are based in Philadelphia and they carry quite a few local PA/NJ brands. I can't remember if I've seen Weaver Chicken Roll there or not, but it would be at the deli counter. I don't think it comes pre-packaged anymore.
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I just asked my husband who grew up in Philadelphia, and he knew it as chicken loaf. Perhaps that term will help you with your search.
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Most Giants I have been in have a request form you fill out with the manager for non-typically stocked items and they try to fulfill requests if they know there is customer interest, so even if you are unable to find it at your local Giant, as they are owned by Ahold (Ahold USA specifically) and would most likely be distributed out of the same warehousing as Stoppy, it would not be terribly hard for them to order it for you.
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