Get rid of this jewelry!
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My girlfriend has a whole bunch of jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings) that we'd love to get rid of. We'd love it even more if someone wanted to pay us for it in Albuquerque. How do we find that someone?

This is not jewelry made of materials that make it valuable—no diamonds, valuable metals or anything like that, but handmade, well made stuff with beads, semi-precious stones, etc. The style is such that anyone from a hipster to a middle-aged wealthy liberal lady in New York City would wear it. We did not make this ourselves, nor do we know the person who did. I'd greatly prioritize minimizing the hassle associated with selling any of this over maximizing the profit, so if you've got a recommendation for someplace that I could conceivably sell all or most of it at once, that'd be lovely.
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What about just listing it online?
I'd take photos and list it on Craigslist, EBay, Etsy, etc....
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Maybe find a shop in your area that sells similar stuff, and see if they'd sell it on consignment for you? Or, alternately, would be willing to buy it outright, for resale?
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Any group having a bazaar of handmade crafts? Could you buy a table there?
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Women's clothing-and-accessories consignment store. Unfortunately, unless it is extremely unique stuff, the 'handmade' factor will probably work against it. Do not expect much. Thrift stores are awash in costume jewellery; there just aren't a lot of good venues for selling it, unless it is, say, recent J. Crew or other brand that is still successfully selling the same piece for $100+ and then you can shift it on eBay for a little bit. But selling on-line is work.

Craft bazaars are unlikely to take secondhand crafted stuff; they want the artisan with his/her own wares.

My local thrift store hoards the nicer costume jewellery that's donated and sets it out, with little gift boxes, at a "children's shopping day" event before Xmas. Kids are escorted to a separate room, with presents selected to hopefully appeal to Mummies and Daddies, and buy for a dollar or two, and even have the stuff wrapped for them. If there is anything at all like that in your area and the consignment stores are shrugging at it instead of offering a decent price, that could be a nice way to pass it along.
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Take a booth at a swap meet and sell it. It's fun and you can meet nice folks.

Or just donate it. Unless its famous, there's no real secondary market for costume
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Abby's Closet accepts accessory donations as well as prom dresses so that might be an option if she's got sparkly things. There might be a similar organization near you.

If it's work appropriate, you could also look into donating to your localDress for Success.
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I would sell it as a lot on Ebay. Don't bother selling it piece-by-piece, that way lies madness. If you'd like to avoid dealing with shipping, you can try selling it as a lot on Craigslist, just make sure you include photos.
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