Caring for brompton cocoa aniline pull-up leather - in a catty household
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We bought some beautiful used Restoration Hardware brompton leather (thick full aniline dyed waxed pull up leather) couches. We love them! RH says that no care is required. However, we have cats. They do run of the mill light scratches daily (most of which can be removed with a hair dryer) and last week one peed on a couch (a rare but occasional occurrence with two elderly male cats). We've already sprayed the leather extensively with anti-icky-poo (enzymatic but are now not sure what else to do to care for the couches, both in the short and long term.

Obviously no leather care will be able to make up for cats peeing on couches, but with that said, does anyone have an opinion on care for brompton leather (which has a wax finish that is different from a lot of other leathers)?

I do the rub or hairdryer method with most of the light scratches to good effect (note the cats are not scratching the leather, their nails are just snagging on it when they jump or run or whatever - we do trim their nails regularly, we're not interested in the plastic nail cover approach) but some of the scratches are a bit deeper than the hair dryer can assist with.

We like the broken-in bomber jacket look but just want to do everything necessary to assure this expensive (to us) furniture lasts as long as possible. In googling this I found a rather extensive kit including a cleanser (which I assume strips away the wax coating) and a re-waxer along with a host of other things. Some people suggest that the wax finish needs to be periodically reapplied.

Anyone with experience with this kind of leather? Should we go with RH's advice (do nothing) or do something? Thanks!
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We have a Lancaster RH couch in Brompton. Two kids, two dogs and the couch is maybe three years old at this point. The dogs (a couple of French Bulldogs) tend to do more scratching than the kids, and a dog has barfed on it at least once. I believe I just wiped the aftermath down really quickly with a baby wipe and some Nature's Miracle.

Usually if I'm sitting there and watching TV and notice some scratches that are a little...deeper (fresher??) then others, I can usually rub them out if I've had a tiny bit of a good moisturizer on my hands. Sounds weird, but it works. I'd never heard about the hair dryer thing before that link; I will have to keep that one in my arsenal of magic furniture tricks. :)
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