Chipotle vodka recipes?
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Difficulty level: No Bloody Marys.

We were apparently gifted a bottle of chipotle-flavored spicy vodka (I say apparently because it appeared in our liquor cabinet as if by magic). We have no idea what to do with it other than make Bloody Marys, except I hate tomato juice.

Help me come up with cocktail ideas that involve a spicy chipotle vodka! Would something like cucumber soda taste good with chipotle vodka? Ideas, please!
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Pineapple juice, maybe? I had a bottle of habenero vodka that mixed very well with pineapple juice.
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Sounds like it might make a nice vodka sauce if you're ok with liquid tomato in non-beverage form.
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Maybe mango and lime?
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Try some of these recipes.

Perhaps a mojito, of sorts.

Muddle leafed herbs: cilantro, fresh parsley, oregano.

Lime juice


Chipotle vodka.

Or how about a Beer. Lime juice and a shot. I'd call it, Hell's Boilermaker.

I could have some fun.
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Yeah, like others have suggested, I'd pair it with sweet things, maybe more on the rich end if the chipotle flavor is especially earthy/smoky. For some reason a chipotle White Russian sounds kind of compelling to me.

I'd be leery of blindly subbing it in any cocktail recipe where habanero vodka is used -- habanero and chipotle have very different flavor profiles.

You mention cucumber soda. It seems to me that the earthy, spicy chipotle flavor would go pretty well with a cool, crisp mixer. Worth a try!
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Hah, we had the exact same problem at our house. Our favorite use so far has been mixed with mango juice.
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A bar near me has a drink with chipotle tequila, hibiscus water, and I think sugar and lime. It is very delicious.
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On the very-simple end of things, that sounds like it would make a great vodka tonic.
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put it in the freezer. buy some pickled mushrooms. befriend (2) Russians. Problem solved!

(seriously, it's good neat, if you like that sort of thing)
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Mix it up with some lime soda, and some fresh lime juice? I saw a recipe for a sriracha-tequila cocktail, and although it was compared to a Bloody Mary, there was absolutely no tomato juice in it.

Here's a Mango, Cilantro, Chipotle Vodka, Sparkling Lime cocktail drink recipe. I'd probably do lime/lemon-lime soda instead of the lime vodka, or maybe just lime seltzer-water myself.
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chipotle chocolate martini—the recipes that came up first on Google used dried chipotle and chocolate vodka, but I'd imagine it would be easy to flip those.
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