Nursing scrubs in NYC?
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Where can I shop for nursing scrubs in NYC?

I'd like to visit a store with a somewhat wide selection, preferably in Manhattan. I'm a guy, if that makes a difference. Thanks!
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OK Uniforms on Church and Leonard.
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Oh but they close for shabbos iirc, so closed today but open tomorrow.
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B& R Uniforms in Kips Bay.

It exists, but does not get great reviews.
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My boyfriend's bought scrubs at Scrubs & Beyond and they always seem to have a pretty decent selection of men's scrubs. It looks like they're partnered with Life Uniform now -- none in Manhattan but there's one in Brooklyn and Staten Island, in case you get desperate (and they're open 7 days a week).
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I'm confounded by the lack of options. This is New! York! City! How is it possible that there aren't more stores that sell clothing to the many healthcare workers who work here?
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