A vaguely-remembered mod 60s movie.
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Help me identify this movie: late 60s (or perhaps early 70s) with an opening scene portraying a mod "happening" thrown by a deranged artist, with exploding mannequins, a circus-like atmosphere and a fawning mod/hippie audience. There was a secret agent aspect to it - one agent meeting another. I can't remember the nationality, but it was in english. I know at least clips are out there on the Internet, but I just can't find them.
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This has got to be the Russ Meyer's film, BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS - right??

Otherwise, I would peruse Russ Meyer's canon and see what clicks!
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What you describe really conceptually reminds me of final programme, which is apparently on youtube in its entirety(!). Here's a trailer, wiki.

the exploding mannequins and circus part instantly made me think of that movie, which i haven't thought of in quite a while.
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Regrettably, I'm pretty confident it's neither (although both are great). And I'm pretty sure it's not Russ Meyer, either.
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The original Casino Royale, with Woody Allen and Peter Sellers?
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It sounds like something that Dean Martin (as Matt Helm) or James Coburn (Flynn) would be in, as they are both very groovy bachelor Secret Agents.

Maybe Man From UNCLE?

I need to go listen to some Esquivel.
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Never mind, I finally figured it out: Hammerhead! The opening is as bonkers as I remember. Totally nuts.
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