Is there a venue calendar aggregator site for music shows in SF?
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In New York I often used OhMyRockness for a comprehensive list of upcoming indie/rock/comedy shows at different venues, but I can't seem to find a similar site for San Francisco. I end up going to each individual venue website (The Independent, The Fillmore, The Chapel, Slim's, etc) for info but this isn't ideal. Is there a site I just don't know about? Thanks!
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I use the events page and am just on a bunch of mailing lists for venues.
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I used to use SFStation but it stopped being effective for a while. I just took a look at it and it looks like they've revamped it and it may be worth checking out.
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Also, you should check out Goldstar -- That ends up being how I find out about most comedy shows and it's a site for discount tickets so it's win/win.
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Songkick is good for this.
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for music venues, the list is pretty comprehensive:
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I also came in to recommend songkick - with a nice bonus factoid. If you install their app on your smartphone, it will scan your music collection for the artists you listen to, and give you a customized calendar of their gigs.
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In addition to Songkick, there's BandsInTown.
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The List. No comedy, though.

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