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Help me find replacement for these no-show Smartwool socks

The style is this "Hide and seek."

I like them because they're that low cut style, but still somewhat heavy--not an athletic sock (I can still wear them in close fitting shoes), but they have some weight to them, and don't flop and squirm around when I'm wearing them. I really like them, and have been wearing them pretty much non-stop the last two weeks. And again--the weight is really key here; I'm not looking for a flimsy sock.

However, they've started to wear faster than I'd like--mostly small holes after what seems like not a lot of wear (as an aside, I feel like Smartwool's quality in general has gone done in the past few years).

Here's some pictures so you can see the shape better:
A hole already!
Seriously, I've worn this pair maybe 6 times

Any suggestions for a similar sock?
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Lots of options from sockdreams. Some of them do try to escape your feet though. The reviews on sockdreams are usually pretty accurate as to things like thickness of material and fit.

Also my smartwool footies are holding up much better; are you putting yours in the dryer or just the washer? Do you have unusually calloused feet? I've definitely gotten holes in socks from both of those before.
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My dad swears by DarnTough socks; he was a Smartwool fan previously/as well.
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Something like this? I've been really happy with my Darn Tough socks.
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