Please identify this children's collection of folktales from India
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I am hoping to identify a book I had as a child. It was an illustrated collection of myths/fairytales from India.

Here's what I remember about it:
- I think there were personal memoir-ish sections interspersed with the traditional stories. These might have been about holidays and seasonal festivals and traditions?
-stories I remember include a prince and his brother saving his wife from a many headed demon, an archer who was really strong and could draw a bow no one else could, and a baby who killed his evil nursemaid, and maybe also killed a snake in his cradle? I am aware that these are well-known Indian myths.
- It had gorgeous illustrations, probably in watercolor. Very saturated colors, full page illustrations.
- There was an illustration of... Kali? An evil woman/demon with big teeth and many arms. The illustration was mostly greeny-gray and darker at the top. There was a super creepy illustration of the evil nurse, too.
- I think the cover was a painting, mostly dark blue sky, maybe a procession with people riding an elephant.
- The book was large format, probably at least 8x11, maybe a little larger, but not particularly thick.
- It was in English, but my mother may have brought it back from a trip to India. Or maybe not.
- I had it in the 1980's.
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Best answer: This sounds very like a book I had in the 1980s by Madhur Jaffrey called 'Seasons of Splendour'.

(I adored that book - I remember in particular the vivid description of a festival of colours that I read over and over again.)
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Response by poster: Yes!
Googled for it, found the cover I remember, that is 100% definitely it.
Thank you!
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