Luxury Fruit Delivery
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Our 4th wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks and I want to give the traditional gift of fruit. I'm thinking of something like those crazy Japanese melons (although not SO expensive). A couple of steps up from Harry and David. Does such a service exist in the SF Bay area?
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I would go to the market at the Ferry Building and hand pick gorgeous things to put in the basket (bought at Cost Plus, natch.) Fruits, cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, whatever looks scrumptious.

Delivered fruit baskets are a total scam! Lots of money for nothing very special.
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Best answer: Frog Hollow would be local to you and has really high quality fruit. If you want this to be an ongoing thing, you could do an all-fruit share from a CSA like Farm Fresh To You.
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Bi Rite usually has great quality, seasonal produce. Take a trip to the Mission if you can't make it to the farmer's market.
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Best answer: I'll second Frog Hollow. I just sent my mom 5 pounds of their gorgeous apricots for Mother's Day & it was a big hit.
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Response by poster: Frog Hollow is going to be perfect! Thanks!
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