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Hi! My family is fairly new to New York, by way of Canada, and we've been living in Brooklyn since we got here. We want to move to the East Village, but we're not sure about which public school we should send our daughter to. The school she's in now is horrible, and we don't want to repeat that experience. Unfortunately, I know you can't just go by what you read at Inside Schools, and SchoolDigger. I'm interested not only in the grade of the school, but in the culture and climate, and I was hoping a few parents out there could give me the *real* inside scoop so I can figure out where to rent an apartment ASAP! Thanks so much!!
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Grade school or high school?
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Yes, how old is your daughter?
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A friend who is in a principal training program, and is an art/esl teacher in a LES high school, recommends NEST.
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If it's a nice day tomorrow go to the playground in Tompkins Square Park and introduce yourself to any parent you meet. Then ask them about schools.
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Grade school. My daughter is eight.

I've thought about introducing myself, but that can be tricky. I have tattoos (and degrees), so I'm afraid I may be judged depending on who I approach.
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Tattoos and degrees are pretty much par for the course, actually. East Village schools are open enrollment, meaning that you can apply to whichever schools you want. However, the good ones are quite popular, and have lotteries for admissions (Nest is in that category).

For progressive schools, friends of mine love Children's Workshop and Earth. I also hear good things about East Village Community. PS20 is more traditional but also good.

What I would do is tour them all and talk to as many people as possible. I'm more familiar with kindergarten admissions, which is done via ranking and lottery, but your options may be limited simply because of space.

There's also the G&T program, which is another level of complexity.
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Thanks. I'm not too familiar with the lottery system. Do you just apply to as many schools as possible?
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Basically, you apply and rank, and in theory you get into the open school that you rank highest. However, each school favors the parents who rank it highest. For instance, if your third ranked school is also popular, you might not get in because more people ranked it 1 or 2, so they'd get higher priority. So you don't want to take a shotgun approach. Then again, I think it's different for non-entrance grades; in this case I think you just call around and see who has open spots.
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