Sending Small Package NYC -> London
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What's the cheapest way to send a small-ish (<5lb, maybe 6"x6"x6") box from NYC to London (for delivery to a lab with a receptionist) within a week or less? I could easily price USPS, UPS, and FEDEX, but I've heard there are smaller int'l carriers.
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Best answer: i wouldn't bother with the smaller ones, and i wouldn't assume they were cheaper either... especially since a lot of those, in my experience, use either last mile or everything but the last mile(possibly on both ends) from one of the major carriers.

I'd simply price this on all three, plus maybe DHL and take whoever is the cheapest. In my personal experience for a small light box like that, USPS was consistently the cheapest. I check every time though, because sometimes that bizarrely isn't true for some byzantine reason i can never divine.

a guy who sells a lot of stuff on ebay...
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