East coast vacation spots for the 10 to 78 set?
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Do you know a great place near New York City for three generations of family to vacation for three to five days this summer?

The family is about nine people, ranging in age from 10 to 78. The goal is to find a place that has natural beauty, and offers some activities that everyone can do together. (This is a bit tough because one of the folks on the older end has some health-related restrictions. Something like "the kids swim, the grandparents watch" is together enough.)

I won't give too many specifics, because we're interested in hearing a variety of ideas that we might not have thought of; but the following are must-have:
Within about 2 - 3 hours drive of NYC.
Activities available without too much organizing. (For example, if there's a lake Right There that would be better than having to drive to a lake.)
Natural setting, but not too far from a town large enough to have a hospital.
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Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz fits this description very well as long as you don't mind something on the expensive side...
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Mohonk Mountain House! Very popular for family groups like yours; it's basically a cruise ship on land, in a beautiful pastoral setting.
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Mohonk is beautiful, but be aware that it's crazy expensive.
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I've rented homes in the Poconos before (a decade ago) - that might suit your needs. Not far from NYC, pretty affordable, and you can get a place near a lake. Just google "Pocono rentals" and you'll find sites with listings.
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Perhaps cruise VRBO.com or HomeAway, to rent a cabin on Lake George? Swimming, BBQ, great scenery at your doorstep; fine dining, bars, tourist attractions, and Great Escape Amusement Park in town.
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